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HVAC Commissioning is a systematic process that facilitates and ensures the required communication, coordination, testing, and verification, takes place so project HVAC systems perform as intended. 


ASHRAE Guideline defines commissioning as “a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria”. Commissioning is an all inclusive process for all the planning, delivery, verification, and managing risks to critical functions performed in, or by, facilities. Ensuring building quality using peer review and in-field or on-site verification. Cx also accomplishes higher energy efficiency, environmental health, and occupant safety and improves indoor air quality by making sure the building components are working correctly and that the plans are implemented with the greatest efficiency. Commissioning is a quality assurance-based process that provides preventive and predictive maintenance plans, tailored operating manuals and training procedures for all users to follow. Basically, the commissioning process formalizes review and integration of all project expectations during planning, design, construction, and occupancy phases by inspection and functional performance testing, and oversight of operator training and record documentation.

PBI can provide leadership of the commissioning team and facilitate the commissioning of HVAC systems, as the commissioning authority.

Key Benefits:

  • Fewer delays in project completion.                               
  • Reduced change orders and additional claims.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Shorter building turn-over transition period.
  • Less post-occupancy corrective work.
  • Complete and useful O&M documentation.
  • Improved operation, maintenance and reliability.
  • Reduction of energy and operations costs.
  • Complete documentation of construction process.
  • Promotion of design and construction decisions.


  • Knowledge of HVAC systems, practical field construction, installation, operations and maintenance.
  • Understanding of controls for HVAC systems, common control strategies, including familiarity with current technology.
  • Proficient in organization, communication, and documentation.
  • Insightful when working on large projects with multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Complete knowledge of testing, adjusting and balancing.
  • Experienced with USGBC, LEED certified projects.

We are confident that our organization can assist you with all of your commissioning needs in a professional, cost efficient and timely manner. Please allow us the opportunity to serve you and your clients.